"We’ve been watching the NFT space for a while as we often wonder how we can make these fashion moments more accessible for the fans. This is the first time that those watching at home can participate and see themselves in the looks. Seeing my designs coupled with DRESSX’s technology truly makes this a one-of-a-kind experience for collectors.” PETER DUNDAS

Together with Crypto.com, we are bringing the iconic performance look from the Big Game HalfTime show right into the Metaverse. The drop goes live on Monday 02/14 at 9am PT on crypto.com

For the first time ever, The Big Game HalfTime show performance looks will turn into NFTs, providing exclusive AR try on utility and fashion experiences to the owners. The Big Game drop by DUNDAS x DRESSX will consist of 4 NFT artworks: the performance look of the artist created by DUNDAS and digitized by DRESSX, and the original sketches of the outfit created by Peter Dundas. The collection features a range of experiences for token holders, including tickets to the Dundas New York Fashion Week show, exclusive AR try-on via the DRESSX app, and custom digital fittings of the garments onto the owners, and more.

The Big Game NFT drop by DUNDAS x DRESSX - 02/14 9am PT