Crown to Couture

The legendary dress designed by Peter Dundas for Beyonce's iconic Grammy performance, will be featured in the Crown to Couture exhibition, opening on April 5th at Kensington Palace.

A dress made for a Queen. The world famous Dundas look is displayed in front of a scarlet throne in the Presence Chamber, alongside a sign that reads "Bow. Down."

Founders Peter Dundas and Evangelo Bousis launched their brand with this renowned look, worn by their muse Beyonce in the 2017 Grammy Awards, and is arguably the highlight of the exhibition.

The custom look was made to embrace femininity, confidence, strength and sensuality, as embodied by the then pregnant Beyoncé and by all DUNDAS women.

Peter Dundas’s design will be featured in The Crown to Couture exhibition running from April 5th to October 29th amongst costumed of 18th century royalty.